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Brain wave Quantum healing

Brain wave Quantum healing                              Brain field fitness method principle

Brain field fitness method three principles:
The first, using gecko tail’s regeneration function, it can be activated to save the life of end stage cancer patients.
The second one is activates then90% brain cells that have been sleeping for many years, and let them continuously to work for us, so that our health can quickly advance to a new level.
The third, our body had 70% of water, the H2O, make the hydrogen as the emperor, and the oxygen as a slave, and then you can become healthy.
The first principle is the gecko tail regeneration function. When the gecko is threatened his life, if someone artificially holds his tail, or if some object presses on his tail, he will run off without his tail and will soon grow a new tail. Human also have this function, which has not been discovered for thousands of years. When there were virus in our blood, body fluids, and cells to attack our left brain and right brain, attack our heart, and activate this function while we approach the end our lives, we can save the lives of patients with advanced cancer to Keep them alive and talk about other things later.
The second principle is that there are 12 billion brain cells in the human brain. It is a pity that we only use 10% of that in our lifetime and wasted 90% of it. This is well recognized by the scientific community all over the world. Let's play an analogy. There are 10 brothers live in our brain. The big one is working hard from birth to death. The second, third, fourth, and fifth----all are sleeping, sleeping until they die, not coming out to Work, this is our biggest waste. Because the brain is our command, the big brother will encounter many negative things in the long life of the years:  stress, frustration, fear, hunger, anger, and lots of messy things which will affect his performance to distribution of the correct action of each organ of the body every second.  If the balance is lost, our brain's cells would keep giving wrong orders to the stomach and the stomach's defense system and nutritional function system will lose their balance. After losing its balance, there was stomach pain, gastritis, over produce of stomach acid, and so on. After 5 or 8 years, the stomach discomfort may change to gastric cancer. After we wake up and activate other 9 brothers, they will quickly help the big brother to correct these mistakes. The internal cause is corrected, and the instructions given to the stomach are corrected. Then with some simple treatment, the stomach will be fine. In other words, the internal cause determines the external result, and if there were correct instructions, there would only need a brief treatment, the body will be healthy. Therefore, the second principle should be remembered:  Activate the 90% cells that have been sleeping in the brain for a long time and Let them continue to work for us and quickly advance our health to a new level. Everyone should remember these two principles. The first is human’s gecko’s tail-regeneration function which can save life. And the second one is to activate the long sleeping 90% of the brain cells to let them work for us, so that our health can be quickly upgraded to a new level. When the internal cause is correct, and then add some external factors, we will be healthy.
The third principle, the third principle is more controversial, everyone just listens first. This theory’s inventor believes that human beings are a magnified water molecule. Everyone knows that water molecules are composed with two  hydrogen and one oxygen, (H2O), and the inventor believes that the left brain and the right brain are the two hydrogen. The heart is the single oxygen, which is the body of life origin. That is to say, those two hydrogen and one oxygen has evolved into today's human beings under millions of years of sunshine, just what has been said that everything grows depending on the sun. Our hands, feet, liver, lungs, and stomach are formed later, they are the secondary organism. The left brain and the right brain are two hydrogen and the heart is the oxygen. This is the original organism. If there were problems with the secondary organism,  it can affect the body’s health, but it cannot end one’s life immediately. But the original organism, the two hydrogen and one oxygen, if their relationship ends, the  life ends immediately. The scientist also found that the human body is composed with 70% water, and the arrangement of the water has its own orders, and the water is alive. The molecular arrangement of the water is like our human body, two hydrogen, and one oxygen. The two hydrogen are on the top and the one oxygen is at the bottom.  Hydrogen is the emperor and the oxygen is a slave. When hydrogen can suppress the oxygen, 70% of our body Water is healthy. If a person has stomach cancer, 70% of the water in the stomach must be oxygen at the upper level and the hydrogeon at the bottom. It means that the oxygen as the emperor, and the hydrogen as a slave, so that people become sick. Then, how do we turn this over, water is still this water, but turn hydrogen over to suppress oxygen, let the hydrogen become the emperor, and oxygen becomes a slave. We will have a 30-minute experience and teach you this method. This can be learned from an age of 7 to 80. Here are a few more principles to make everyone feel better. The sun has 71.3% hydrogen, it is a large hydrogen fireball. and the sunlight in daytime also have 71.3% hydrogen atoms. Our left and right brains are two hydrogen. By clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the left and right brains, we can supplement the hydrogen from sunlight and white light into our left and right brains.   After the right and left brain are hydrogen saturated, it will automatically to find the organs of the body with various lesions. The diseased organ’s water is oxygen over hydrogen. It will turn it over and make the hydrogen over oxygen, it turns the hydrogen as emperor and the oxygen as slave, the disease will be quickly recovered.   this principle is very simple. Let's take another simple example. When you cut an apple, it will be oxidized after 10 minutes. It will turn to yellow or brown. We apply high-grade skin care products on our face; it is anti-oxidant and anti-winkle and anti-aging. We bought fresh meat, and wrapped in plastic wrap, it is also antioxidant. Oxygen is a double-edged sword in our lives. If we inhale 100 kilograms of oxygen, 98% of it will make life flourish, but 2% of oxygen will enter our body and become oxygen free radicals every day. It will destroy the various cellular tissues of our body and damage them. Therefore, the sources of sickness come from free oxygen radicals. Because of the existence of oxygen free radicals, we are 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, and so many years of everyday 2% oxygen free radicals in our body.  We become very weak. Our live time is actually between 120 and 150 years old. Because of the everyday 2% oxygen free radical accumulation and destruction, we are deprived by 30 to 50 years of life by it. Now we only live 80, 90, and 100 years old.  The broccoli selected by the United States is called the vegetable queen. Not only is it broccoli with trace elements that are very good for the body, the most important thing is that it can interact with our internal free oxygen   radicals. That is to say: to eliminate the toxin of free oxygen radicals, that we will be healthy. So it became a queen of vegetables.
Brain field life consciousness fitness method (Chinese explanation)

Brain Field Life Consciousness Fitness Method (Chinese)

Brain Wave Quantum Healing (Therapy Music)

                       Brain field fitness method question and answer FAQ

Original source:

Part I - Development history of the brain field fitness
(1) Who invented the brain field?
The inventor of the brain field fitness is Mr. Sun Jialin. It has been more than five years since its development. The beginning stage of the brain field is to help the woman keep the skin youthful as a beauty exercise. Mr. Sun passed this practice to his wife, Ms. Wang Lewa. Ms. Wang began to help the cancer patients with this method, which produced good results and saved the lives of more than 100 patients. Therefore, she began to use the brain-field fitness method to help patients. Teacher Sun later used the brain field fitness established a company to conduct brain field fitness training and charge the patient with brain field fitness training.
(2) Now, we see that Teacher Li Gao is spreading the brain field fitness. Why?
Teacher Li originally studied brain field fitness from Mr. Sun and Ms. Wang. Later, under an accidental cause, the brain field was used to help a terminal cancer patient who had failed all the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and achieved good results. Since then, Teacher Li has made a wish to use the brain field as a charity, first from China, and later to abroad, to share the experience of the brain field and use the on-site helping cancer patients. The purpose of Teacher Li and his students is to use brain field fitness as charity to help people; the process is absolutely free of charge. So far, Teacher Li has had more than 100 cancer patients using the brain field fitness with efficiency and success rate of more than 80%.
(3) What is the treatment principle of the brain field?
According to Professor Li's explanation, the principle of brain field treatment has three levels:
a) The ability to regenerate cells to survive. Through the practice of the brain field, the body's Self repair ability is activated, and the disease energy and toxins are discharged through the pores of the whole body, so that new healthy cells can grow and replace the diseased cells.
b) 90% of the brain's cells are activated used to correct the wrong instructions. Our brain uses only 10% of its functions. The brain is like 10 brothers. The big brother has worked hard for decades, and the other 9 brothers are sleeping. For decades, the big brother becomes very tired, sometimes makes mistakes, causing abnormalities in the body's cells, or not paying attention to the changing state of the body. Through the brain field, wake up the other 9 brothers, the other brain cells become active, and correct the mistakes of the previous made by the big brother.
c) Energy balance of water molecules. Hydrogen dominates health. Oxygen dominates disease. The principle is – 70% of our body is water. Water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The energy of the sun is also nuclear fusion from hydrogen atoms. So, when the energy of the water molecules in our body is out of balance (that is, when oxygen atoms are in dominant position but hydrogen atoms), people become sick. The principle is like the book of Inner Canon of Huangdi mentioned that when a person's yang qi (hydrogen atom) is low, people become sick. When you raise yang qi (hydrogen atoms), people are healthy. The practice of the brain field is to absorb the energy of the universe (yang qi), improve the immune system’s function of the human body, and achieve the purpose of treatment.

Part II – Brain Field Learning
(4) Where can I get in touch with Teacher Li's brain field?
The easiest way for friends in China is to contact Mr. Li’s brain field through the online QQ group. There is currently a QQ group set up for beginners. The QQ group number is: 25824550. There are training materials about the brain field in the QQ group, music, and a group of students of teacher Li who is interested in spreading the brain field fitness to treat patients, can help solve the problem of beginners. Since 2012, the brain field has spread to Singapore and will spread to the United States in 2013. QQ group can find responsible students in Singapore and the United States.
(5) If you are looking for Teacher Li to attend classes or treat, what should I do?
Teacher Li does not currently have a fixed schedule, as his itinerary has been changing to accommodate many patients who need help at home and abroad. We recommend that the patient learns the brain field first, then post a message in the group and invite Mr. Li to go to the local area. Another method is to follow Mr. Li’s itinerary in the group and go to the place where Teacher Li went to teach. As the number of students’ increases, each major city has a responsible student of the brain field, currently known: Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. This number is still increasing. Patients who need to learn the brain field can first seek help from the person in charge of their brain field in their area.
(6) Is it necessary to pay to study the brain field? How much do you need?
There is absolutely no charge for studying the brain field from Teacher Li gao.
(7) When the patient has reached the end stage of life, he/she  can't wait for Teacher Li to come over and can't go to another place, what should I do?
Learning the brain field does not require Teacher li personally teach them. Download the music from the brain field directly from the QQ group and follow the instructions. It is better to learn while doing it. Teacher Li stressed that patients can't wait, so don't wait for the teacher to come, don't wait for other teachers to come to the door, first download the brain field music from the Internet and start learning, and then start practicing the brain field to achieve the therapeutic effect.
Part III – Brain Field Exercises
(8) What are the conditions for practicing the brain field? Do you need Master to get through the acupuncture points, or need to be empowered?
Learning in the brain field fitness is simple. You don't need Master to get through the acupuncture points, and you don't need to have an empowerment. The patient can sit or lie down, pay attention to listen to the brain field fitness music, and follow the instructions. If the patient has a healthy relatives and friends to help, then the relatives may put their hands on the patient's head and practice the brain field with the patient, the effect will be better. Friends and relatives who help patients to treat, we call them therapists.
(9) A lot of information in the group, in the end, should I download those materials to practice the brain field?
For beginners, we recommend downloading the MP3 audio Water Molecule to practice. This audio has background music and very clear instructions. As long as you follow the instructions, you are practicing the brain field fitness.
(10) Is it only a cancer patient who can do a brain field?
Although Mr. Li began to treat cancer patients as the subject of treatment, the principle of treatment in the brain field is to activate the self-repair function of the human body to restore health, so any patient with chronic diseases can learn the brain field to achieve the therapeutic effect. In 2012, Teacher Li began to use the brain field to treat diabetes, and it also achieved good results.
(11) The patient is already unconsciousness. Can he/she learn the brain field?
The brain field requires the patient to consciously rotate the brain cells of the left and right brains, and then rotate various parts of the body. If the patient has lost consciousness, it does cause difficulties. But you can try it. Because if the patient's subconscious mind still exists, it may be possible to accept the guidance of the brain field and follow the practice.
(12) If you fall asleep halfway through practice, is it useless?
In fact, people are asleep, the subconscious is still working. So as long as you don't fall asleep at the beginning of the practice, the practice in the brain is still going on, so it is still useful. The key is not to fall asleep at the beginning of the practice. Practicing until the left brain and right brain rotate clockwise before falling asleep is equivalent to continuing to practice.
(13) The patient is very serious. I want to pay for a helpful therapist, can I?
Teacher Li’s long-term treatment experience proves that the best therapist is the patient’s own family. Because the process of brain field exercise is energy transfer and exchange. The patient's family really wants the patient to heal from the bottom of his heart and is full of love for the patient. With the help of such a therapist, the effect is the best. The therapist helps the patient not by his own skill, but by absorbing the energy of the universe and transmitting it to the patient during the practice, pulling the patient to start his own self-treatment ability like a locomotive. Paying the therapist, first of all, violates the original intention of Mr. Li to use the brain field to do charity. Secondly, the therapist charges the fee to help the patient, but may bear the karma of the patient.
(14) Does the therapist and the patient have to do the brain field at the same time?
Yes. The therapist helps the patient, just like the locomotive pulls the car. Practice the brain field in sync with the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to the same brain field music at the same time with the patient, and simultaneously practice the brain field guidance words. Synchronous clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.
(15) Is it necessary to have a therapist to practice the brain field?
No. It will be better to have the help of a therapist. However, the efficacy of the brain field is mainly based on the patient's own use of the brain field to initiate their own immunity and self-therapy ability. You can learn the brain field without a therapist.
(16) The guidance says that the left brain and the right brain rotate, and later the neck, lungs, arms and other places are required to rotate. Is the head not rotating when rotating these places?
It should be noted that as long as the instruction says that the left brain and the right brain start to rotate, the rotation cannot stop, and it is necessary to wait until the instruction says "stop" before stopping. In other parts of the process that need to be rotated, use 10 percent of the idea to rotate. The rotation of the left brain and right brain continues to maintain a 90% idea. Also note that this rotation is not the head or the body part is moving, but the mind is moving.
(17) The brain field always emphasizes that the left brain and the right brain start to rotate. What is the idea to rotate?
Students who have studied qigong probably can experience a "qi" that rotates around the forehead. Clockwise is from left to right, counterclockwise is from right to left. Some people imagine a light point rotation, and someone imagines a cylindrical rotation, no problem. The point is that this Qi is followed by a guideline that rotates from left to right (clockwise) or right to left (counterclockwise) along the head. And in the process of rotation, follow the instructions of the guide words, relax the body and imagine the illumination of white light.
(18) What is the concept of this clockwise and counterclockwise rotation? Why can it treat disease?
Rotation, the nature itself is rotating, the earth, the sun, the planets are constantly rotating and constantly colliding, that is to say, people are spinning every minute, and this method finally achieves a high balance of the immune system of various organs of the human body. Exotic bacteria or diseased cells should not recur in the human body, and can be excreted if there are lesions, ensuring that the human body is not sick.
The clockwise rotation is detoxification, excreting the disease and bad molecules. Counter-clockwise is a rebuilding, absorbing the energy of the sun to help build new healthy cells.
(19) What do we need to pay attention to in the practice of the brain field?
The patient should pay attention to:
1, keep quiet, do not let the phone and other things disturb, quiet mind, follow the music tips to do static action, close your eyes, clockwise from left to right. Counterclockwise is from right to left. The normal person's palm is up, and the high blood pressure is down.
2, if you use your mobile phone to play brain field music, remember to turn your phone into "flight" mode so that it will not be disturbed by incoming calls.
3, normal people practice once a day. Cancer patients practice three times a day. 8 am, 3 pm, 8 pm, you can stand in the morning, sit in the afternoon, and lie in the evening. It is best to do it on an empty stomach. After eating a big meal is not good. The time between brain field practices is 5 hours, At least 5 hours apart; the intensive practice will not have good effect.
4, when doing the brain field practice, one should not turn on the air conditioner, electric fans, to avoid catch cold.
5, cancer patients are generally cold physique, if the brain field combined with warm foot soak, the effect is better. The foot bath can heat the blood and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
6, Faith - If the patient has a Buddhist faith, then you can combine the prayers of the confession. I have uploaded the “Repentance Samadhi " . Students with Buddhist beliefs read it three times a day. You can have all your confession merits in an instant. If you are another faith or atheist, let the patient be grateful, use Hawaiian therapy - thank you for the sentient beings, the environment, your body, thank you, I love you, sorry, please forgive me. Etc.
7 knot - cancer patients generally have the past 10 years, eight years of siltation mind. Teacher Li often said: "Love is gone, cancer is coming." It is recommended that the patient undergo a crying therapy during the 10-day course of the brain field therapy on the eighth day.
8, crying therapy - find yourself a separate room and time, there are no others around, around the candle, put a candle in front of you, and then put some of your favorite touch music. And cried out of any previous grievances, repentances. Open the knot.
9, mentality - learn to be grateful, learn to love yourself, love others. Always see only the good of others. Always review your own deficiencies and encourage yourself to do better.
The place where the therapist should pay attention (the person who helps the cancer patient to do the brain field)
10, Help the patient to do the brain field, and leave the shape of the hand empty. Put five fingers in each hand on the left and right brains of the patient's head. Do not cover the Baihui point.
11, do not put your hand on the patient's head at the beginning, pay attention to the guidance, wait until the instructional instruction says: "Start to rotate", then put your hand on the patient's head.
12, put it once every two or three minutes, put the patient's head for two or three minutes at a time, cycle seven or eight times. Putting both your hands on the patient's head will have more power than a single hand.
13, wait until the guide says: "Stop", while stopping the rotation, the hand leaves the patient's head.
14, to help patients do brain field, one’s own mentality must be square. No ego, no fear. If you are worried about getting the illness, or if you have a problem with your health, it is best not to help the patient.
15, no ego - not me is helping the patient. It depends on the energy of the universe. I am only transmitting the energy. Fearless - Big love gets help from heaven and earth, and there is nothing to worry about.
16, to help patients who are not related to one’s own family, you must do a brain field practice oneself before going to sleep. Note: Do not use the patient’s area to do this brain field practice. Do it yourself alone.
17, help the patient to do brain field, and also persuade the patient to do good. This can help with karma and make patients happy. Even if they have a pro-credit, they will share the merits of the patient.
18, the therapist helps the patient to do brain field practice, the cycle is 10 days. And then Rest for 5 days after 10 days. During the 10-day period, you should do a practice alone before going to sleep, to rule out the possibility to get the disease. If you can get sauna steam during the 5-day break, you will recover better.

Attachment: Repentance Samadhi
Notes: This confession method is incredible, can make up for the overdraft of the blessings, the heart tends to calm and happy, and quickly accumulate good causes.
Really practicing “Repentance Samadhi ", even the devil cannot control you. How can the demons control the sentient beings? Because all sentient beings owe him, he can control, and practicing “Repentance Samadhi " means that they are not owed to him anymore, so the demon can no longer control.
Everyone must seriously practice the "three repentances", do not need to be empowered, as long as they follow the instructions, it will naturally benefit.
The Repentance Samadhi, originated from Hua Yanzong, which is the method of the ten wishes of the Bodhisattva. In this way, you can have all the confession merits in an instant, and there is no limit to robbing Shangenford (good merit), and all the related karma can be purified, it said to be a magic weapon to purifying bad karma! For those who confess today and make mistakes tomorrow, and the students who practice today and forgot tomorrow, this would like prolonged drought with a heavy rain fall, is especially rare and precious!
---- Repentance Samadhi, read three times before doing the brain field practice, don't underestimate ---
Whether it is the past, present, or future,
Because of body, mouth, and intentional creation that all beings that have been hurt by me.
Or because of the body, mouth, and intentional creation, there are many dissatisfaction and suffering caused by me,
No matter it is physical or spiritual.
I am willing to accept (the law of cause and effect of ).
And sincerely confession:
Because ignorance. Because we have not heard the truth of life, from the beginning less of time, we hurt each other, and we reported each other, and we suffered from all the difficulties in the six realms and no way out.
We all want to be free.
May all sentient beings that have been hurt by me, without spiritual pain, without physical pain, may you be happy.
May all the ghosts that have a relationship with me, non-human beings, get the Dharma, and to be born in good realms and toward to be free.
May all beings those who have a relationship with me or non-human beings share the merits of my good deeds and answer them; Good! Good!
May all sentient beings share my merits.

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About Diamond knot

Came back from Boddhgaya India this January, I brought some diamond knot back sending the blessings to friends. I was asked what it meant and what is the diamond knot's function. I searched the internet and finally got some information from a Chinese website called Baidu. Here are the information I found, sharing with friends and hope it helps.

Diamond knot is amulet which protects us from harm by some vicious nonhuman. The diamond knot has the protective function and can make the vicious nonhuman stay away from us.

To make the diamond knot, the Rinpoche (an honorific term used in the Tibetan language. It literally means "precious one", and may be used to refer to a person, place, or thing--like the words "gem" or "jewel") would correspond the deity they practice to produce the diamond knot. There is no specific  way to produce it.

The diamond knot came from Ancient Buddhism in Tibet called Yong Zhong which is the eldest Buddhism called Elephant dharma. Later on other schools started to use it as well. The diamond knot also has a close relationship with the ancient elephant horses.

Diamond knot is the mark of peaceful and wrathful deities and even all the Buddhas. And wearing a diamond knot is a way to be connected with the Buddha. All the Ḍākinī will love you as your mother; all the protecting god will be around you to clear all the obstacles and help you to reach your wishes; The heaven dragon and the good God will bless you, remove all the reverse, bring you auspicious, safety and health; and the Dharma will flourish, wishes will be fulfilled and everything will be satisfactory. It can help the dying to extend their life and at the time of Death they can see the diamond longevity Buddha and be enlightened.

Diamond knot is a blessed item. If you have the capability, you can make the same functional diamond knot. But if you do not have the capability, the knot you are making just an ordinary knot. The diamond knot’s function is not on the weir, it is on the Buddhist master who making it. Because when the master was making it, he/she recited the mantra and putting the power of the mantra into the knot and seals the power into the knot. There are dharma protectors and power in the knot, wearing the knot on your neck can keep you in peace, reduce obstacles, and bring you auspicious.

使用方法(The way to use it):

1. 置于胸前或身上;随身行李、皮包、背包。
Wearing it in front of your chest or on your body; put on your carried luggage, bags, purses and backpacks.

2. 所乘之汽车、机车;居家门楣上;病患身上及其周围。
Put on your car, any operational machine; in front of your house door; let the person who is sick wearing it or put around his/her.

3. 置于不吉、恐怖之处;运气不佳之人身上。
Place it in some bad luck or scary places; place on some bad luck person.

佩带注意(Caution of wearing it):

1. 不可以放在腰部以下。
Do not wearing it below waist.

2. 不可将结打开,或用剪刀等物品修剪其外观及长度。
Do not open the knot or cutting the length and out looking.

3. 若是往后陈旧不堪,因金刚结乃是三根本的加持,不可随意丢弃,可将其挂于高处(如屋顶、或树上)使之随风加持环境、守护周围的一切众生。

With the time if the diamond knot becoming old and broken, it is still have the power of blessing, do not discard freely, it can be hanged up (on the roof of house or tree) and with the wind blowing, it can bless the environment and protect all the sentient beings surround it.

4. 不愿佩带时,请务必恭敬焚化!
If at the time you do not want to wear it anymore, please incineration it with respect.

金刚结之加持力的期限(the time limit of the blessing of the diamond knot):

The blessing of the diamond knot is timeless unless the person wearing it lost his/her lost confidence of the diamond knot or burned it, the blessing will end.