Friday, April 07, 2017

About Diamond knot

Came back from Boddhgaya India this January, I brought some diamond knot back sending the blessings to friends. I was asked what it meant and what is the diamond knot's function. I searched the internet and finally got some information from a Chinese website called Baidu. Here are the information I found, sharing with friends and hope it helps.

Diamond knot is amulet which protects us from harm by some vicious nonhuman. The diamond knot has the protective function and can make the vicious nonhuman stay away from us.

To make the diamond knot, the Rinpoche (an honorific term used in the Tibetan language. It literally means "precious one", and may be used to refer to a person, place, or thing--like the words "gem" or "jewel") would correspond the deity they practice to produce the diamond knot. There is no specific  way to produce it.

The diamond knot came from Ancient Buddhism in Tibet called Yong Zhong which is the eldest Buddhism called Elephant dharma. Later on other schools started to use it as well. The diamond knot also has a close relationship with the ancient elephant horses.

Diamond knot is the mark of peaceful and wrathful deities and even all the Buddhas. And wearing a diamond knot is a way to be connected with the Buddha. All the Ḍākinī will love you as your mother; all the protecting god will be around you to clear all the obstacles and help you to reach your wishes; The heaven dragon and the good God will bless you, remove all the reverse, bring you auspicious, safety and health; and the Dharma will flourish, wishes will be fulfilled and everything will be satisfactory. It can help the dying to extend their life and at the time of Death they can see the diamond longevity Buddha and be enlightened.

Diamond knot is a blessed item. If you have the capability, you can make the same functional diamond knot. But if you do not have the capability, the knot you are making just an ordinary knot. The diamond knot’s function is not on the weir, it is on the Buddhist master who making it. Because when the master was making it, he/she recited the mantra and putting the power of the mantra into the knot and seals the power into the knot. There are dharma protectors and power in the knot, wearing the knot on your neck can keep you in peace, reduce obstacles, and bring you auspicious.

使用方法(The way to use it):

1. 置于胸前或身上;随身行李、皮包、背包。
Wearing it in front of your chest or on your body; put on your carried luggage, bags, purses and backpacks.

2. 所乘之汽车、机车;居家门楣上;病患身上及其周围。
Put on your car, any operational machine; in front of your house door; let the person who is sick wearing it or put around his/her.

3. 置于不吉、恐怖之处;运气不佳之人身上。
Place it in some bad luck or scary places; place on some bad luck person.

佩带注意(Caution of wearing it):

1. 不可以放在腰部以下。
Do not wearing it below waist.

2. 不可将结打开,或用剪刀等物品修剪其外观及长度。
Do not open the knot or cutting the length and out looking.

3. 若是往后陈旧不堪,因金刚结乃是三根本的加持,不可随意丢弃,可将其挂于高处(如屋顶、或树上)使之随风加持环境、守护周围的一切众生。

With the time if the diamond knot becoming old and broken, it is still have the power of blessing, do not discard freely, it can be hanged up (on the roof of house or tree) and with the wind blowing, it can bless the environment and protect all the sentient beings surround it.

4. 不愿佩带时,请务必恭敬焚化!
If at the time you do not want to wear it anymore, please incineration it with respect.

金刚结之加持力的期限(the time limit of the blessing of the diamond knot):

The blessing of the diamond knot is timeless unless the person wearing it lost his/her lost confidence of the diamond knot or burned it, the blessing will end.

Friday, March 11, 2016


     Thinking about I need to update my friends what is going on in my life. Life is good and everything is well.
      After ten years since I take refuge to the Buddha, to the dharma and the Sangha in 2006, I finally got to the point that I really want to practice the Dharma. Buddhist is all about liberation, liberate from samsara. It is said that if you do not practice, you would not able to be liberated. It has to be my self’s idea to start practice. After watching videos and reading books about practice, I still could not get the idea about how to practice.
      So I went to India in January to seek help.
      There I met with H.H. the 17th Karmapa and My dear master and teacher, the very venerable 9th Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. I take refuge again in front of H.H. the 17th Karmapa and asked for practice instruction. H.H.’s schedule did not allow him to give me the detailed instruction to practice. So I asked the very venerable 9th Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. The great master spent his lunch break to give me the lengthened detailed instruction and then gently told me that I do not need to be hurry and just take my time and start practice.
     Started January 17th, the date of the Buddha enlightened and in Bodhgaya, where the Buddha enlightened, I started my Buddhist practice.
     The one of the most important things for Buddhist practice is continue practice and not interrupted. I am doing well so far.
     But I do have some frustrations:
     While I was practicing, my mind is hard to concentrate. My body is there and practice but my mind is somewhere else. There were few times I was doing better with imagination of what I was practice but most time, my mind is not where I should be.
      I also find out it is hard to really find time to practice without the mind preoccupied with daily living. It is said while you are practicing; you should isolate yourself from daily living and be mindful and concentrate with what you are practicing. I try to find the time other matters are already taking cared of: the dog was out for bathroom and fed. The people I live with are all content. The house hood works are all done. And there is work and … But my mind still is everywhere.
     I guess, that is why the great meditation masters had developed the ways to practice and educate us to using the body and mind training to get ourselves into real practice. I appreciate it.
     I think all I need right now it is “keep going”. And I will.

Saturday, August 01, 2015